Wednesday 14th March – Blowing a bit (and wet, again)

Forecast : Grey, South Easterly Gales, Heavy Rain. The previous day had seen the first day of spring, weather wise. 14 degs in the sun, gentle breeze and cyclists wearing shorts. But that was yesterday! Today it was horrible, so much so that only two Wheelers ventured forth, Chicago Mike and Paul. Hanging around was not an option so on the stroke of about quarter past nine we headed west, Porthleven vaguely the destination. Past Carnkie and on to Porkellis […] Read More

A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross

The deadline for consultation responses is on Monday, 12th of March. The Highways England people I have talked to are clear that they need to see good numbers of consultation responses calling for more attention to cycling if they are to improve the scheme in the ways we want. Highways England’s consultation page for this scheme includes a link to the reasonably concise booklet handed out at the consultation events and also clever stuff like a virtual flight above the […] Read More

karma Chameleon

Sometimes it’s not fun to be right. I had posted on fb that there was a 70% chance that it would rain today, and hence a 30% chance that I would be out on my bike; Won’t rain till 2pm, says Phil1; not till 1pm says the new charwoman. At precisely 8.52am, as Phil and I set out from Union Corner, the first drops were felt, but fortunately only enough to get us wet and it probably hadn’t rained on […] Read More

Meeting Minutes

The Minutes from the AGM and the Monthly meeting are in the members area. To view them log in to the Message Board and go to the members only area.

Change of date for next FWs meeting!

Please note:  the next FWs meeting will be on Thursday March 22nd at Wood Lane, because the last Thursday of the month takes us too close to Easter, and with the club Audax on April 8th, we need more time to organise food donations etc.  Please remind other members of this one-off change of date!      Liz

Long Ride Report 25 Feb.

No one was terribly keen to go to St Ives today. It was the thought of riding back into a biting easterly wind that put us off. It didn’t take long to decide on Perranporth as a good alternative, it is similar, it is by the sea. Fred, Helston Trevor, Robin, Phil4. Devon Jim, Amanda, Simon, Raymond, Sam and Phil1 were the team this week. If last week was a P day then this week was going to be the […] Read More

Pathfinder February 18th The Day of the “P”

Thirteen brave members met at Trekenning car park in St Column to take part in this month’s Pathfinder. Helston Trevor, Robin, Chris and Phil 1 cycled from home joined by Phil 3 at Ladock and with Bernie back from down under was Ian, Liz, Trevor 1 and the electric Ladies Karen, Barbara, Denise and yours truly set off in a roughly easterly direction. There was quite a bit of low lying cloud about (mizzle) and immediately we had our first […] Read More

Truro Cycling Campaign : Chiverton Cross

Highways England are currently consulting on the proposed new dual carriageway upgrade to the the A30 and the Truro Cycling Campaign Group are concerned that a golden opportunity to cater for cyclists who want to travel directly and safely to Truro (and beyond) is being overlooked in the draft plans. Here is an extract from a message received from a leading TCC member calling on all interested parties to respond to this important element of the plan “Truro Cycling Campaign […] Read More